Thermal Regeneration

Thermal Sand Regeneration Plants

Thermal sand regeneration plant
Process diagram for thermal regeneration

Thermal regeneration plants are best used for reclaimed sands that are organically bound. We have developed flow bed ovens and flow bed coolers specifically for these applications, and they have proved themselves many times over in foundry operations. Flow bed technology permits optimum heat transfer, protective handling of the sand with optimum regeneration quality, and high sand output. The heat recovery used and the exact temperature control adjusted to the process result in low energy requirements which boost the economic operation of the plant.

The patented control of oven temperature level and sand removal guarantees a handling period that remains consistent, and a specific rate at which the individual sand grains pass through the oven.

A further application of the sand regenerator is the recovery of furan resin-bonded sands. In combination with our through-feed mixers, we offer complete systems for the creation of furan resin moulds, including knock-out grids, regenerators and the reuse of regenerated sands. Following an exact analysis of the customer’s situation, the furan sand regenerators are designed and then made to measure. In addition to the effectiveness of the regenerator, its environmental friendliness is of considerable significance. This begins with the economical use of the energy needed, goes on to the high output of sand from the regeneration process, and ends with the reduction of all resulting emissions, whether relating to dust or noise.

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