Mechanical Regeneration

Your sand defines how it will be regenerated

Mini Jet test plant
Jet Reclaimer centrifugal drum in operation

Used sand must be prepared for mechanical, thermal or multi-step regeneration by a process of breaking up, screening, drying, and cooling. The KGT Jet Reclaimer is outstandingly suited to mechanical regeneration. The Jet Reclaimer works on the principle of air-jet friction.

The process steps are:

  • drying / embrittlement (if necessary)
  • cleaning by grain-against-grain friction
  • sifting and cooling

The Jet Reclaimer is constructed so that air blown in through jets in the floor fluidizes the sand. At the same time, the sand is sifted and cooled. The air is heated as required up to approx. 400 °C, and can be used for drying and for embrittling the binder sheath. In the centrally located blastpipe, which has the jet positioned under it and the container where the friction occurs  sited over it, the air and sand mixture is rotated and vibrated, resulting in extensive cleaning of the grains.

The main properties of the Jet Reclaimer are:

  • operation in batches
  • high cleaning efficiency with low grain damage
  • no moving parts in the sand, and therefore less wear
  • the various steps of the multiple process occur in a single compact piece of equipment

Depending on the quantity of sand for regeneration, the Jet Reclaimer can be supplied in single or multi-pipe models.

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