Sand regeneration

Regeneration instead of disposal

Control diagram of a furan sand recovery plant

For more than 20 years, sand regenerated plants have been sold under the name of KGT. After the takeover by Webac, this know-how was successfully developed further, and today the company offers foundries an economically and ecologically sound option for multiple reuse of foundry sand. Circulating foundry sand means a reduction in the requirement for new sand, in auxiliary supplies, and in the amount of spent sand for disposal.

Complete regeneration plants in a package

Schematic diagram of a furan sand recovery plant

The effectiveness of sand regeneration depends on how precisely the plant concept is attuned to the prevailing circumstances. Factors such as sand quantity, composition of the sand, binder systems used, and thermal stress to the sand constitute basic information that has to be taken into account in designing the plant. We supply not only individual regeneration plant components, but also complete self-contained systems. 

The modern control systems guarantee completely automatic operation of the regeneration plants, with automatic recording of all relevant process data. This is important for quality control. The systems of controls not only ensure a largely intervention-free operation, but also a consistently high quality of regenerated material.

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