Webac Sand Mixer HP

The Webac Sand Mixer HP

Webac Sand Mixer 5060-HP

At the heart of each sand coating plant is the mixer. It mixes all the raw materials and executes all the process steps determining the quality of the coated sand. 

The construction and material of all parts that come into contact with sand are designed for durability. The mixer wall in the direct mixing area consists of an easily replaceable steel lining. In addition, the mixing ploughs are provided with a protective shield of wear-resistant material. A powerful motor sets the crosshead with the ploughs and mulling wheels into motion. Within a very short period of time, the resin is mixed uniformly with the sand. The heat transferred from the sand to the resin causes the resin to melt and form a uniform resin coat around each sand grain. After the addition of hexamethylenetetramine and cooling water, cooling air is blown from the lower side of the mixer through the sand, thus cooling the sand and hardening the resin coats on to the sand grains.

Special features of the HP mixer and, thus of the complete sand coating plant, are:

  • High throughput capacities
  • Uniform sand quality
  • Economical exploitation of the used raw materials
  • Robust and sturdy technology providing machines and installations with a long service life

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