Binder Dosing

Automatic binder dosing unit for hot box
Automatic binder dosing unit for cold box

Accurate binder dosing is a prerequisite for economical core production. In our units, the binder is metered in pneumatically operated dosing cylinders. Depending on the requirements, the unit caters for the dosing of fixed quantities by means of proximity switches, or for continuously adjustable quantities of binder. Our machines provide a dosing accuracy to less than 0.5 % deviation from the scale value, combined with excellent repeat accuracy.

Depending on the liquid to be dosed, the dosing cylinder is available in aluminium, stainless steel or glass. The equipment is sealed with environmentally friendly recyclable PTFE.

Binder dosing requires, of course, suitable binder storage. For this purpose, we offer barrel and tank exchange stations. Depending on the site conditions, the automatic binder dosing units can be connected directly to the tank/barrel storage system, or are supplied with binder through pumps and buffer tanks. The design of the stations conforms to the requirements of article 19 of the German Federal Water Act WHG. The collecting trays are TUEV-approved.

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