Core sand preparation plants

Core sand: storage, dosage, mixing and distribution

M 60 and M 100 ball mixers with core sand distribution carts

For many years, Webac has been a reliable and expert partner of the casting industry. We offer tailor-made solutions to meet all customer requirements, focusing on practical design and economical operation. Whether the solution you are seeking concerns a core sand preparation for cold box, hot box, CO2, beta set process or inorganic bonding systems, all our machines are individually adjusted to suit the actual requirements of your foundry. We provide new plants, including all related services from planning to installation, as well as upgrading and extending existing equipment.

Our Service – A Complete Package

Mixing cycle for cold box

We offer our customers a complete service, from advice and planning to implementation, installation and commissioning. Our comprehensive after-sales services include training, production support and maintenance. In other words: customers can pick and choose the services they require. Our core sand preparation machines are designed for a long service life and guarantee reliable and economical operation.

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